Dementia: Good News from the NHS

I am pleased to report that nothing untoward was revealed by my procedure yesterday.  Maureen didn’t come along after all as she just couldn’t get ready in time.  However, I was well looked after by excellent nursing staff who eased me through a rather unpleasant procedure.  I elected for the spray at the back of the throat rather than a general anaethestic.  However  you still can feel them prodding around your digestive system during the examination.   Thankfully, I had some lovely nurses on hand to ease me through my discomfort, and wipe my furrowed brow.

On a previous occasion I had experienced  the same procedure at a small private hospital, that also carries out work for the NHS.  Yesterday’s experience was comparable to being in a private hospital.  I would give the Endoscopy Suite and all staff a five star rating.  They even  managed to prioritise aspects of my investigation, so that I could get back home as quickly as possible. I have passed on my thanks to all concerned, and will put similar comments in writing..




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