Dementia: Singing from a New Paige (sic)

I know this is the third post of the day but I just have to post it.  Maureen has just found an old cassette tape of hers by Elaine Page.  I have popped it on the deck and the response is amazing.  She is singing along and busy cleaning the bookcase where the player sits.

I would speculate that the music has reminds her of the ‘good old days’.  Trapped in an abusive marriage, where she stayed for the sake of the kids, music was her escape route.  You would only have to see her singing along to : I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair‘  – to get the picture.

What interests me in all this is something that Yvonna,  my resourceful chemist, mentioned some time ago.  She recollects an experiment where subjects were taken back to a moment in time when they were well.   Apparently the results were amazing with astounding recoveries.  Music has such a transformative impact on Maureen.  I wonder how she will react if I put on a bit of UB40 to remind her of the first concert we went to together 25 years ago?  There’s only one way to find out!

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