Dementia: What’s the Plan Action Man?

Maureen often says: ‘What’s the plan Action Man’?  As there is no peace with the wicked dementia I have been continuing with my mission this morning.   I resorted to some of early morning  confidence building: helping Maureen to see that she is perfectly ok to be left to her own devices while I pop out to the shops for an hour.  That meant that she could stay warm in bed until my return, when she was sleeping peacefully.  Maureen has proved, on several occasions, that she doesn’t need baby-sitting and likes to be trusted to be left to her own devices.

On return from my shopping mission I woke her gently with another cup of tea in bed.  When she came downstairs for a late breakfast we practised filling the kettle, and making sure the lid was in place before it was switched on.  She is now singing along to a Joe Brown C D as she tidies up the kitchen.

It’s a dismal day here in Cleethorpes so we won’t be going far today.  As it is raining she has just put washing on the clothes horse rather than the line.  She is a busy bee doing all sorts of household chores as the afternoon progresses.

She may well sleep as I listen to the fortunes of the Sky Blues on the radio.  As a loyal Nottingham Forest fan she is unlikely to show as much interest in the match as me.  In fact she might just have a nap if my cheering when we score doesn’t keep her awake.

So ‘Action Man’ has been on the case today; attempting to build confidence as well as cognitive stimulation.  I might even suggest that we go into hold as ‘Strictly’ comes on the T V later.  Adult educators never retire they just watch their hair go white!

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