You’ve got no clothes on

After my away day on Sunday with my daughter in London it has taken me a while to come down to earth. To some extent I have been celebrating that at last I have achieved a modicum of respite. Now after three days back on duty as a Care Partner I face the daily grind and the confusion that surrounds dementia: not just from those with the diagnosis. George always says it as it is. He puts it so clealy for all to see.

george rook

I’ve just been to a workshop in London run by National Voices, a charity dedicated to empowering people to be engaged in health and care organisations, and in their own care.

Wellness Our Way…Enabling people to influence.


And earlier this week I attended a Healthwatch annual meeting with the theme “parity of esteem for mental health”.

My local Healthwatch had brought together representative managers from local provider NHS Trusts and the Council to talk to us about the work they are doing to address their patients’ mental health.

Camhs, acute health trust, mental health trust, and the lead County Councillor for social care.

Two speakers were refreshingly honest, used straightforward language, admitted shortcomings, explained initiatives and training.

Three speakers were not.

All was well in their respective areas. And even if it wasn’t we weren’t going to find out, or even understand half of what they said.

Speak for long…

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