Dementia: Prison Escape Plan

Today’s Motto: Three posts a day keeps Prescribed Disengagement  at Bay!

I want to try to address Maureen’s feelings about being a prisoner.  There appears to be a simple way forward and I have a ‘cunning plan’.

I am going to encourage Maureen to make trips to the local shops.  This will involve her learning the route to a local convenience store and bringing back a bottle of milk.   It will take me a while to help her build up the confidence to ‘go it alone’, and it will be very interesting to see how we go about this exploration of her ability to learn.

We may well start today with a simple walk together to the shop.  There is only one way to approach this task: ‘slowly slowly catchee monkey’.  I will keep you posted on how my plan to support Maureen’s escape from her bonds progresses.

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