Dementia: Social Workers Rule OK !

I am posting much earlier this morning as I will be leaving for London in a couple of hours.

Any reader of this blog will have noticed that I have not spared my words when I have felt that social workers have got things wrong.  However this morning’s post is to heap praise on three social workers.

Firstly, Sue our new social worker has made it possible for me to have today in London visiting my daughter. Secondly, two social workers in Coventry have sorted out the mess my brother has been in.  My sister in law now reports that John is being bathed on a daily basis and in her words ‘looks lovely’.  It is such a relief for myself and Jean that we now have social workers who are being supportive.

I have just had to break  from this posting this blog as I have just heard something that has gone bump in the night, wel 4.45 am.  Maureen has slipped on the floor of the bedroom and thankfully no damage done.  She has just asked me: ‘if she needs to get up now to help me to do anything’.  I have taken her the requested drink of water and encouraged her to take more rest.  There is no point in remniding her I am leaving for London in a few hours as it is likely to cause distress, and prevent her from sleeping.

I am really looking forward to seeing Anna as it is a while since we had any quality time together.  The last time she visited us we were consumed with meeting Maureen’s needs,and hardly had any time to catch up.  When you have four children it is something of a luxury to get to know how things are going for one of them.  Like all my children Anna is a lovely person, and her honesty is commendable.  So I am really looking forward to a forthright exchange on all sorts of issues.

Today is something I have been working on for a long time.  It has been frustrating that it has taken so long to establish a pattern of respite that enables me to be more than a Care Partner to Maureen.  I have had several frank exchanges on Talking Point about my aspirations to be Man rather than Martyr.  But just as: ‘once you have met one person with dementia: you have met one person with dementia’.  It is equally true to say when you have met one Care Partner you have met one Care Partner.  We all have to find our own way of dealing with dementia!

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