Dementia: An Amazing Conversation

In the time we have been together Maureen and I have many illuminating conversations where she has shared her intellect and compassion.   We were talking for a considerable period of time very early this morning and I could only describe our conversation as AMAZING.The Brain's Way of Healing : Remarkable Recoveries and Discoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity - Norman Doidge

The amazing thing was that Maureen demonstrated her intellect remains intact and she is beginning to use it to correct her faltering memory.   She is also beginning to understand that her brain is continuing to recover from stroke.

One of the most exciting points of her converstaion was when she corrected an element of her confusion.  She began to talk to me about ‘her husband Paul’ and then she laughed and corrected herself and said: ‘I mean you of course’.  I have heard her correct herself in retrospect before but never in the same breath.  The other thing that I found really exciting is her grasp of how tiredness means that she is sometimes not a full shilling.  We nearly fell out of bed laughing that when she is tired she is only ten old pennies.

Am I getting carried away: is all of this hopeful optimism trying to prove the pundits wrong?  The simple answer to that is I don’t think so and it is better to wake up with a smile on my face than a frown.    It is time for a detailed look at how the brain can heal itself and I hope to be reading what Norman Doidge has to say as soon as possible.

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