Dementia: Still A Full Shilling!

Maureen proved the doubters wrong again yesterday.   She proved that she is ‘a full shilling’: something she suspects some of the medics and professionals doubt.  Her reaction to my concerns about her elevated blood pressure was spot on.

I thought she had overlooked the concern about her elevated blood pressure.    Our chemist had checked it twice on Tuesday as the first reading was 190/80.   The second reading was slighly lower at 180/90.  Maureen seemed to take the news in her stride, and  didn’t show any concern at the time.  However,just to be on the safe side  I contacted our G P and made an appointment for today.

During yesterday afternoon Maureen mentioned that the ‘lady around the corner’ had suggested she return for further monitoring of her blood pressure.  So we popped her back to the chemist and this time it was absolutely fine.

It is possible that Maureen’s poor short term memory isolated her from concern about the high reading on Tuesday. I somehow doubt this, and I think she was on the ball not to panick.  She may well have remembered that blood pressure can vary from day to day..  It is one of those occasions when I will never know if she just played it a bit better than her panicking husband

This is probably yet another occasion when Maureen has proved she is ‘a full shilling’.  When she has energy she remains a highly intelligent woman.  It’s only when she is tired that any diagnosis of dementia would seem valid.  All of this brings to mind a message that my statistics teacher used to drum into his students: ‘statistics don’t prove anything they only suggest’.  I think the same could be said about Memory Tests!

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