Dementia: Chain Reaction

Maureen didn’t feel up to having her hair done yesterday.  She thought she had spent too long tidying up the kitchen after breakfast and was too tired to face an afternoon in the hairdresser’s salon.  As we were eating a late lunch her Aunty arrived and that seemed to lift her.    She then spent an hour chatting and listening to Clarice.  We then popped out with for a short while and went round Clarice’s house for a cup of tea.

Our friendly chemists is across the road from Clarice’s house so I encouraged Mauren to have her blood pressure checked.  The top figure was much higher than it has been for quite some time, so further monitoring will be necessary over the next few days.  On return home Maureen’s son phoned to confirm his visit at the weekend.  Following his call confusion surfaced about; when he was coming, and who would be in the visiting party.

Today’s experience has set me wondering about why Maureen’s presentation can change so dramatically.  As an neo buddhist I am wedded to the law of cause an effect.  Therefore I find it difficult to accept that dementia has random ramifications.  I would speculate that Maureen’s presentation today has been the result of a set of events.  The downward spiral began on Monday when Maureen resented having a ‘baby sitting service’.   Tiredness has had a significant impact, yet again, on Maureen presentation: yesterday was far too busy.

I hope to be able to give Maureen some space over the next couple of days.  It’s time to stay close by and act as a gatekeeper and make sure other people don’t wear Maureen out.  That means making sure that carers have plenty to do and leave Maureen to rest.   I know I will get a day off on Sunday when I go to London to see my daughters.  My post a little later on this morning is an attempt to ensure Maureen has a supportvie time while I’m away.

Best leave it to Diana Ross to close this post: Chain Reaction.

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