Dementia: One A Day To Keep Exhaustion At Bay

It is possible that I have been encouraging Maureen to do so much that exhaustion is taking over.  So the simple solution is to back off for a while, and see how things go on the energy front.

Maureen has a hairdressing appointment this afternoon.  It has taken a fair amount of friendly persuasion to encourage her to arrange for Mark to work his magic.  This morning she is talking about going for the full works – restyling and colour. That could mean she could be in the chair for a couple of hours or so.  This will be an exhausting experience, as she pulls out all the stops to convince Mark her recovery from stroke is complete.  After such a performanc she is likley to  sleep for the remainder of the afternoon, and evening.

I also need to accept that when we have carer sits that is enough activity for one day.  Again, she will be on full throttle, determined to show her carers’ that she: ‘lost her memory once’.  I  have no problem in accepting her reality: it is an optimistic approach and shows Maureen’s determination to thrive in the face of adversity.

Let’s hope one a day keeps exhaustion at bay!

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