Dementia: Pain and Discomfort

Despite our good news posted earlier, pain and discomfort are dominating our lives at the moment.  My leg, and shoulder, pain is back with a vengance. Maureen’s discomfort and distress over clothing has returned.  There is a simple solution to my difficulties but Maureen’s problems require some blue sky thinking.

It has been made abundantly clear to me that I need a bigger bum.  Following bilateral hip replacement my glutes need building up.  The solution is quite simple: to walk in water as a simple strengthening exercise.  I haven’t been doing it lately and am paying the price.  It is the same for the pain in my left shoulder: I  haven’t made the time to do the exercise my physiotherapist recommended.  There is a simple solution to get rid my pain; return to the Leisure Centre on a regular basis and resume my exercise routines.  The solution for Maureen is not so obvious.

There were times yesterday when I felt completely impotent to help with her discomfort.  None of the normal remedies worked and her distress continued.  At one time I had to beg my sobbing wife to come out of the bathroom, so I could at least give her a hug.  All her clothing seems tight at the moment, and even extending certain garments has not helped.  It’s now time to put these issues before people who know Maureen.

Chloe, Girl Friday, will be here soon and she may be able to suggest a way forward.   She has significant experience of working with those who have had stroke, followed by dementia.   I will also run the issue by our social worker, and Admiral Nurse.  Hopefully this will lead to something that could just relieve considerable distress at various times during the day.  Just to be able to get  through the day with clothes that feel comfortable, would be a real game changer for Maureen.

Footnote: Today has to be ‘Fish and Chip Friday’ – home cooked of course!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Pain and Discomfort

  1. I thought I would be in for it when I retuened from the Leisure Centre as Maureen had ben grumpy before I went out. Came home to aa apparition: Maureen looked stunning with a hair washed and ablow dry. Unfortunately the tight underwear is still plaguing her.


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