Dementia: ‘Can I Have Two Minutes On Neuroplasticity?’

When I popped in to see Yvonna yesterday she told me that she was busy and stayed behind the counter.  I edged her into the consulting room with: ‘I could just do with a couple of minutes on neuroplasticity’.  Yvonna is always generous with her support to me, as I seek mentoring on my approach to being a Care Partner.

Yvonna has a very holistic approach to well-being; she is well read and has a sharp mind.  The Branch of Lloyds where she is the Pharmacist is within walking distance of  our home. Walk-in expertise on the doorstep: what more can you ask for when you are trying to find your way with dementia?

I wanted to run by Yvonna how music is making such a difference to our lives.   When we have chatted about this before she commented: ‘you have found your way’.  What I wanted to share with Yvonna was that Maureen was learning to  sing along to new songs.  Yvonna is a great one for bringing you down to earth:  with a smile on her face  she suggested that ‘I would need to be working with a group of 50 people for 5 years before there was real evidence that my theory had substance’.

I squeezed more than two minutes with Yvonna and left with further cause for thought.  Music has allowed us to find our way: we sing, dance and have fun with YouTube several times in the day.  What I wonder is if I put Barney on again whether Maureen can learn, and retain, far more than the chorus?  What I do know is how sorry she feels for the lad singing:  ‘I wish I had someone to love me’

I don’t think it will be long before I am back, for another ‘two minutes’ ,to let Yvonna know how things are going.  It is such a bonus to have such expertise, and radical thinking, on the door-step.

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