Dementia: A Willingness To Listen

The last two days have convinced me that it has been worth standing my ground and perhaps ruffling a few feathers.  Just to give an impression of how I continue to deal with my tendency to ‘take them on’; my focus in 2015 has been to praise when I receive good service.  I have had an amazing responses to thanking individuals and organisations, when I have kept my word.  So I have learned  it’s good to praise as well as suggest improvements, when things don’t go well.  That has been my approach in attempting to resolve the support we need on our journey with dementia.  What I have been trying to achieve is to get the same quality of service we have received from Clee Medical Centre, since Maureen’s diagnosis, replicated across the board.  After a period of struggle I now think we are on the way.

It’s important to point out that any time I have asked questions, or raised concerns, there has always been a willingness to listen.  At a time when austerity measures are taking a significant toll on services the door is still open for a rethink: to take in comments.  I think it is commendable that North East Lincs are prepared to listen.  At no time as I have pressed a hard, and sometimes presented an unpalatable line to the authorities, has anyone ever shut the door on me and hidden behind lack of resources.  When you are trying to improve Public Services  you can’t ask for anything more than that.

I am confident that a suggestion I have about how Sue our new social worker will get to know us will get favourable consideration.  I am nervous that the My Life  approach might be doomed as soon as the folder comes out of Sue’s bag.  So I have a  ‘cunning plan’.

I think it is possible to use planning for my 70th as a way of getting to know us.  It is something we have already skirted around, and the folder is on the table: so to speak.  I am pretty confident Sue and I will be able work intuitively;  using holidays as a way of getting to know us.  We already have lots of resources at hand: mountains of photographs.  We also have a DVD of the Baltic Cruise that we went on for Maureen’s 70th.  So lots to go on as a vehicle for introductions and sorting out tactics for the future.

I hope I am not being selfish here.  Be interesting to see how much leniency I will get at my tender age. After all: ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’.  I wonder what Lesley Gore is doing these days?

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