Dementia: Cometh Hour; Cometh The Woman

It would not be possible to ask for any more support than I have been given this morning.  Social services have delivered quality support, at very short notice.  Their response to me being ill and unable to keep Maureen safe has been exceptional.

Tracey our social has to be singled out for real praise for her achievements this morning.  How on earth she persuaded Maureen to go to a Day Centre, I will never know.  We are hoping that Maureen will go along with the same arrangements tomorrow.

I have to hold my hand up here.  Tracey has been trying for persuade me  to let her take Maureen to a Day Centre for ages.  If only I’d been braver things could have been very different a long time ago.  There’s none so blind as those who cannot see.

Woops: spoke too soon Maureen is demanding to be brought home and I need to fetch her.  She has been very angry, and distressed, during the phone call I have just taken.  Better get off now!

3 thoughts on “Dementia: Cometh Hour; Cometh The Woman

  1. Oh no! I thought it had been worked out after the start of the post. Things change so quickly. I was happy to see, however, that Tracey made such a good effort to help. I hope things improve today, and that tomorrow will go better.


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