Dementia: Burnt Out Carer

I am posting at this ridiculous hour as I have just taken my second antibiotic.  I have a chronic sinus infection.  My nose is dripping like a tap and I feel pretty rough.  There  is no way I am capable of looking after Maureen at the moment, and I have just informed socail service accordingly.A sinus illustration overlay of a woman with sinus pain.

The events of yesterday evening were a stark reminder of Maureen’s presentation.  I had to be at my best to keep within the bounds of  compassionate communication: on a couple of occasions I lost it.  There is only so much you can take when you are not feeling 100%.  In short, Maureen is completely confused by me being unwell and has forgotten how to be a  nurse to her ailing husband.

This will all be a real test of social services ability to respond to a mini emergency.  It goes without saying my plans for the weekend have gone out the window.  Yet again I won’t get to see my family and it is not entirely my own fault: I have been flagging up my tiredness for quite some time.  

Setting up arrangements for respite supports Care Partners – not visits from professional staff who nod their heads, and keep telling you they: ‘I hear what you say’.

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