Musicophilia and Dementia

Sometimes I manage to seize the moment and really good things happen here.  This morning Maureen was struggling, once again, to find clothes that she was comfortable in.  So I asked how I could help? and She said play Star by Kristie Hennessy for me.  Not a difficult task with YouTube available in the next room.  What followed was simply amazing.

Maureen sang along to what has become one of her favourite songs.  She then bet me I couldn’t find a Bing Crosby, then a Joan Baez number, and on it went.  The change in her mood was immediate and the problems of finding clothes became a distant memory.  I am now wondering how much more I can use music as a vehicle for positive change.

I have seen, with my own eyes, how music can lift mood.  I just have a sneaky feeling it can also provide cognitive stimulation and open new pathways in the brain.  I’d better get  that book out of the library: Musicophiliathat one of my friends recommended, and I never got round to reading.


I had intened to Blog on this front in the morning.  I have posted it now because I must improve my sleep pattern.  This means staying in bed much later in the morning.  One thing I am going to do is keep my computer switched off from 8 pm at night until 10 am in the morning.  If I don’t get more sleep soon I will collapse.  This is just one of the measures I am going to take to try to improve my sleep pattern.

2 thoughts on “Musicophilia and Dementia

  1. Good idea, unplugging at night. Hope you’re having a good night’s sleep! I’ve read and enjoyed several books by Oliver Sacks, but not Musicophilia. I heard two interviews with him talking about the book around the time it was published. It’s sure to be a fascinating read.


    1. Better sleep until poetry recollection from Maureen at 4 am. Still I am making progress as stayed in bed for another hour. Will see G P later this morning. Changed opening hours to 8am to 8pm as far as computer is concerned.


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