Dementia: Champions League Winner!

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Maureen’s achievenment in making it to Nottingham, is equivalent to her beloved Reds winning the Champions League. What better way to celebrate her winning performance than a picture of her alongside a replica of the trophy taken during our visit to the City Ground yesterday . I had already awarded her a Platinum Medal for her performance in the early rounds of our trip south.  Now there is further adulation for her outstanding performance during our vist to the East Midlands.

Her achievement is remarkable when you consider she had so little preparation for the trip south.  Following stroke, eighteen months, ago she has not felt able to venture much further than Immingham, and that was for a visit to the Memory Clinic.  She has found travelling in the car very tiring; possibly on account of her 50% loss of peripheral vision.  Also her energy levels have fluctuated so much that on ‘duvet days’  she is hardly able to make it out of the bedroom.

Maureen opened the door to a trip to Nottingham by her comments on Wednesday morning.  She told me that she felt so much better that she wondered if she could go to see some members of her family in Nottingham.  I suggested that we could perhaps make it a day out or even an overnight stay.  Shortly after noon we were on our way.  The journey was far from straightforward, as I missed a turning and extended our journey time by half an hour.

As soon as we arrived at her brother’s I knew we were onto a winner.  When Barrie and Maureen get together their closeness is lovely to see.  I couldn’t recognise my wife from the tired, and listless woman, that often bases herself on the sofa.  In fact,I had to cajole her to go to bed well beyond our normal time for retiring.  The next day she was much the same enjoying visiting her old haunts.

I am not ‘spinning’ here to avoid the complications of the trip south.  On occasions it was painful to watch Maureen in new surroundings: she struggled all the time we were at her brother’s to find her way around his bungalow  What I am dwelling on is Maureen’s herculean effort to ‘hang on in there’ and make the best of our visit to Nottingham.  That is why she has her award: she deserves it.

When she phoned her brother to thank him for his hospitality, the emotion in her voice was palpable.  I suspect this is because she may have thought she would never see Notingham again.  It is possible that she may well prefer to stay local from now on.   As I have said before I do not consider my role is to encourage her out of her comfort zone.  She certainly doesn’t need to go chasing around the country to please others.   We are quite capable of  developing all the cognitive stimulation she needs here in Cuddly Cleethorpes.  To quote from the words of the Sky Blue Song: ‘while we sing together we will never lose’.  Did I ever mention my team is Coventry City ?  ‘Come on you Reds’; indeed!

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