Dementia: Unearthing Another Little Gem

Exceptional news to report: after 18 months we have ventured outside Lincolnshire.  We have made it to Nottingham, to visit Maureen’s brother and his wife.  Maureen is over the moon that she has at last travelled any distance after such a long time.  This is a significant achievement – team work has paid off at long last.

Tracey, our social worker, helped to pave the way on Tuesday. As Batman she helped,alongside Robin, set the wheels in motion.  Gale then followed up by playing a blinder; to almost push Maureen into our car shortly after noon yesterday.  Her contributions was immense, as she helped me to nurse Maureen along yesterday morning.

Gale has been along to our house on a couple of occasions. Her performance yesterday was outstanding.  As soon as she arrived she warmed to the theme of cajoling Maureen to go on a day trip to Nottingham.  She played her part exactly to the script: listening to Maureen’s tales of all sorts of things; whilst gently nudging her to make the journey south.

Gale’s compassion, understanding of dementia and ability to make appropriate interventions helped me to see we had another gem on our hands.  I took immediate action and contacted the Agency to request that Gale becomes our ‘Girl Wednesday’.  I left the Agency, in no doubt that this was far more than a request, when she replied that she would ‘do her best’ to accommodate my ‘demands’.

I have no idea how today will go.  It is possible that Maureen will need to ‘Sleep for England’ for a couple of days.  On the other hand we might be able to continue our travels a little further South.  It’s all a question of taking a ‘rain check’ with the umbrella of common sense in hand,  Whatever happens: Gold Medals are awarded to Tracey and Gale.  Platinum of course for Maureen.

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