Dementia: ‘You Are Not Ill – You Are Recovering From Stroke’

In the early days of blogging I mentioned the reluctance of our Memory Service to use the term dementia.  It appears that their preference of Memory Issues is more than political correctness.  They would argue that ‘dementia’ strikes fear into people; once they are given the diagnosis in such stark terms.

Maureen has had added complications in her diagnoses.  She came away from the Memory Clinic with an initial diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment, with Vascular Changes.  Neither of us had heard of MCI before and were relieved when Care Co-ordinators from the memory service informed us that the likelihood of dementia occurring was unlikely.  From my reading their explanation of the statistics is completely innacurate.  This matters little now as one of their colleagues, who conducted further testing, diagnosed vascular dementia.  Again this is at odds with the Psychologist from the Stroke Team, who, had previously taken me to one side and explained that Maureen had mixed dementia.

There is no doubt that there is consensus on Maureen having dementia.  The type is academic, and matters little. Fortunately, Evonna, our local chemist suggested a way forward on this matter.  She suggested a positive way forward with a mantra of: ‘Maureen is not ill she is recovering from stroke’.

Evonna, and her staff, at our local Branch of Lloyds have provided excellent support to us over the years.  Since Maureen’s stroke, their contribution has been significant at a number of levels.  However, I have to single out Evonna for her knowledge of dementia and her words of wisdom: ‘You are not ill you are revcovering from stroke’ is a positive platform for Maureen on her journey with dementia.  It is honest, and completely free of political correctness.

NB:  A further Post will follow later this morning.  After yesterday’s, very supportive, visit from our social worker  I have to work out if I am the one who is now Pussy-Footing around!  More later……….

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