Dementia: Blue Sky Thinking

I think I may have mentioned before my addiction to following Coventry City – The Sky Blues.  Any fan of my age would remember the transformation of the Club under Jimmy Hill, the bearded gentleman in the picture below.  The sad news for all Coventry fans is that the ‘Bearded Wonder’, has Alzheimer’s, and is in a nursing home on the South Coast  as he is too ill to be looked after at home.

As a ‘Coventry Kid’ my loyalties to my team continue.  On most Saturday afternoons I am glued to Sky Blue Player listening  to every move of the match.  It remains very important to me that the Sky Blues do well.  I am optimistic that another Sky Blue revolution is underway and the fortunes of the Club are moving in a positive direction.

I accept that a similar revolution is required in my own approach to life in general: some ‘Blue Sky’  thinking.  If our journey with dementia is to find a good route, I need to reign in my impulsive nature.  Long lists of aspirations just won’t help.  They will only lead to frustration, and disappointment all round.  However, if I can discipline myself to take one day at a time, and one small aspiration, then there can be more blue sky ahead.

So my ‘cunning plan’ on the rumba front, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog is to vary my routine when I take my wife in hold.  Instead of smooching in the kitchen: just add in the odd move from the rumba.  All I need to do is watch our DVD; rehearse a few moves, and we are on our way.  As Maureen always says: ‘Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey’.

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