Dementia: Wonder Woman

There are times when I would happily label Maureen: ‘Wonder Woman’.  He ability to continue to thrive on adversity is refreshing.  When I see her in action it is easy to forget: stroke led to a 50% loss of peripheral vision, and a diaFeatured imagegnosis of dementia.

Only this morning I was wondering what to try next on our journey with dementia.  On most days I try to introduce something that helps to rebuild confidence and provides a break from the kitchen sink.  I think it is possible Maureen gave me a sign this morning.  As you will see from the photo opposite she has hung up her swimming costume in her wardrobe.  Only this morning she has moved her costume from an adjoining chest of drawers.  I would speculate that this move has not been made by chance.

Cleethorpes Leisure Centre has recently been refurbished.  We have popped in a couple of times since Maureen’s stroke, but I don’t think she has had a dip in the pool for quite some time. The refurbishment means we can change in a family room and walk into the water holding hands.  The children are back at school now and the pool will be virtually empty at certain times of the day.

I can anticipate the sheer joy on Maureen’s face when she is back in the pool again.  I bet she can still swim faster than me!

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