Dementia: Sailing Lifts Mood

Yesterday evening Maureen woke up from dozing, on the sofa, in a very distressed state.  Finding no-one else in sight she thought she was alone and didn’t know where she was.  I heard her crying; called her and she eventaully joined me sitting at my computer, in our box room.  There is nothing new in this event; since stroke, and the onset of dementia, it takes Maureen a while to come round in the ‘morning’.  Faced with her presentation I decided on a simple route to help her out of her distessed state: ‘Sailing’.

Once we went downstairs I immediately put ‘Rod the Mod’ on the Cd Player.  We have always been fans of the ‘Lad’ and Maureen often sings along to his music.  I think I also recalled that the next two tracks were: ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’ and ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’.  I thought such meaningful music would help to ground my dear wife.  Then I thought of an addition to my ‘cunning plan’.

I knew that Maureen would probably venture outside.  One of the first things she does every ‘morning’ is to open the back door and walk around the garden.  True to form; she put on her shoes and ventured outside.  Just by chance I found her something useful to do – fill up the bird bath with water.  We then both made it a more pleasant experience for our feathered friends by removing some of the sludge, before Maureen topped up with clean water.

Music is a key tool for lifting mood in this ‘Care Home’.  It isn’t very often that it doesn’t do the trick.  Later in the evening with YouTube on the ‘girl’ was singing her heart out to Christie Hennessy.  So plain Sailing yesterday evening for us; then it got even better.

Marie our daughter in law received our phone call and confirmed that it is our Wedding Anniversary today!  I don’t know why but both of us always struggle to remember the exact date.  I think it is possible that it is because Maureen made me serve a seven year apprenticeship before she agreed to become my wife!

Three pieces of music to help lift your mood:

Sailing by Rod Stewart

Remember Me by Christie Hennessy

Wedding Day by the Bee Gees

I know this is an early morning post but it is our Wedding Anniversary you know!

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