Dementia: A Care Giver Knows

I cannot think of any better words that sum up what it is like for me to be a Care Giver to my wife than the following:

A Caregiver Knows…

Did you ever wonder how much pain and grief your heart could take?

A caregiver knows.

Did ever wonder how strong you are, how many things you can do at once, or how many failed attempts you could endure?

A caregiver knows.

Did you ever wonder if frustration, anxiety, or sheer exhaustion could actually kill you?

All too often, caregivers know this too.

Have you ever cared for someone, who instead of getting slowly better, is slowly fading away, piece by piece… right before your very eyes?

Have you ever felt the despair and hopelessness of that?

Caregivers for dementia patients know this despair and live it every single day.

The remainder of this piece can be found at: A Care Giver Knows

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