Dementia: Whatever Next?

Life is never straightforward when you are living with dementia.  Yesterday didn’t get off to a good start with news that Chloe brought with her when she turned up for the carer sit.  Her conditions are to become even worse when the new Agency takes over next week:  the hourly rate is going to be reduced and the slight enhancement for working weekends is going to be removed.  I listened intently to the news, and questioned if such changes were legal with the regulations around transfer of undertakings.

I have mentioned before that paid carers and Care Partners need to get organised.  A Trade Union for all those involved in the care industry is needed.  I can see no other way forward to end the blatant exploitation that is currently taking place.  We decided to keep the bad news from Maureen but it is posiible that she has ‘came out in sympathy’: taking to her bed following Chloe’s departure.

It looks like the clothing issue has resurfaced yet again.  Maureen spent a long time after Chloe had gone deciding that none of her clothes were suitable, and retreated to her bed exhausted.  Underwear that appeared to be suitable has now been declared too tight, and having no clothes has surfaced again as an issue.  She stayed in bed for the remainder of the day despite my gentle encouragement to get up.  That meant that her only meal of the day was breakfast and she did not taken her evening blood thinner.  I saw no point in doing battle over that – she is reluctant to take it at the best of times.

My optimism about solving the clothing issue has diminished.  Perhaps apparent progress being little more than a false dawn in the general discomfort that is a feature of Maureen’s presentation.

I had a relatively a positive phone converstaion with the new Care Agency yesterday afternoon. Time will tell if they match their compassionate rhetoric with practise.  It is not going to help that the hard working Chloe, and her colleagues, are going to have less in their wage packets.

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