Dementia: Becoming A Better Care Partner

As a Care Partner it is easy to look around and point the finger at what others could be doing a little better.  That is simple and anyone can do that all day long.   What is a little more challenging is to look at your performance as a Care Partner and see if you can sharpen up your act.  This is not a Sunday confession session, it is an attempt to list a few things that might just make our journey with dementia a little easier for us both.

The point of departure is an acceptance that Maureen’s dementia is progressing .  Confusion, distress and fear are now predominamt in her presentation.  What follows is a list of things I can do to help us as we travel this road:

  • To attempt to understand Maureen’s reality
  • To attempt to help others to understand Maureen’s reality
  • To listen rather than talk
  • To use simple language and short sentences
  • To stick to one subject at a time
  • To be visible as much as possible
  • To keep the house tidy
  • To have set places for things
  • To pare down Maureen’s clothes even further
  • To attempt to keep Maureen in a positive state of mind
  • To find meaningful activities
  • To socialise in appropriate circles
  • To accept that Maureen’s world is shrinking
  • To try to secure an appropriate Care Package
  • To continue to utilise skills and knowledge within relevant reference groups

I am hoping to blog later in the day on Maureen’s reality.  It depends on how the day progresses.

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