Dementia: Superb Support from G P

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Yesterday, once again,  Maureen received superb support from her G P.  I phoned up to register that she had a very sore and ulcerated mouth. The GP phoned back within minutes and advised us to go to the surgery as soon as possible.  Within minutes of our arrival we were called in to his consultation room.

The G P gave Maureen a very thorough examination and prescribed some ointment, to use alongside the pain killing gel she had been applying for the last few days.  He also chatted to her about how things were going and took he blood pressure.  He is a lovely man and always looks after Maureen as if she was his own daughter.

When Maureen arrived home she was in tears feeling that once again her health was creating problems.  She was also confused about her prescription.  The pharmacist had explained that the ointment needed to be applied five times a day.  Unfortunately, she had no idea that Maureen has dementia and her explanation had created real confusion.

Later in the evening upset emerged once again with Maureen expressing that: ‘she didn’t know what to do.’  It took me a few minutes to realise she was talking about the application of the ointment and reassured her that I would help.   Once the first application got underway she settled and accepted more ointment on retiring.

Maureen seems in realtively good spirits this morning.  She keeps commenting on her thoughtful G P and her praise of  is fully justified.  We recognise how well the Practice is managed with it’s innovative approach to solving the shortage of G P’s in the area.

The approach to dementia in this country would benefit from a fundamental review in many areas.  However, we are fortunate that our G P Practice is so supportive at a time when they struggle to recruit medical staff.

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