Dementia: Funny Friday

It was a funny old day all round yesterday.  Maureen seemed exceptionally tired and so we didn’t have ‘breakfast’ until 4 pm.  When I returned from shopping in the morning Chloe said Maureen didn’t want to get out of bed because she felt tired.  Chloe had taken her a drink up and chatted to her in the bedroom.  As always Chloe had smartened up the house in my absence and ironed all the clothes in the basket.

I popped up to see Maureen a couple of times in the afternon and she was still sleepy.  During one of my visits she complained that Chloe had woken her up to discuss how her brother and his wife were having discussions about the forthcoming addition to her family.  She also mentioned that someone had told her I had been drunk on the previous evening.  Rather puzzling as I had been with her all night and not a drop of alcohol had passed my lips.

Porridge was served about 5 pm; along with normal accompaniments. We then went out for a short walk to retrieve a discarded dusbin that I had spotted on a previous stroll.  Maureen enjoyed the walk but had no recollection  we were following our steps from earlier in the week.  Nevertheless, she could see that another bin for compost making would be helpful to my horticultural pursuits.

Friday fish and chips was prepared and consumed as normal; followed by fresh fruit salad and ice cream.  You will note that we are taking the advice about healthy eating seriously.  Also the glass of sherry, or two, can only have helped any stroke prevention regime.  I’d better add Maureen only had a very small glass and left the rest to me!

Maureen got into a heck of a mess clearing up the chaotic evidence of my efforts in the kitchen.  I had ‘bobbed off’ in the chair to find her disgruntled over the kitchen sink.  Clean pots and pans were alongside those that had not been washed on the draining board.  It was not surprising she had got in a mess – I had  caused it.  I have to tidy up as I go along as I am being unfair on my washer up!

It will be interesting to see how things go today.  Hello….  Maureen has just woken up very confused asking me who has been on the phone.  There have been no calls this morning.  The way she is looking at me it is likely she is unsure who I am.  She has just asked me:  ‘ if am going to work today’.   Now it’s: ‘Where is the other Paul; not you?’

Just another day at the office then………

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