Being a “burden” to our care partners

This blog from Kate Swaffer is so powerful that I wanted to share it with others.


Yearning for life before dementia
Never to return
At least, not until I die

But I say to myself
Each and every single day
There is no need to die now

The sadness stalks me
Tempting me to give in to dementia
Hiding in the recesses of my mind

Telling me to stop paddling
To give up and let myself sink
And give in to the symptoms of dementia

If I decided to do that
The huge impact on my husband and sons
And my love for them

May disappear from their sight
From their being
And my love may feel as if it is not there

Instead filled with the burdens of
Caring for a wife and mother
With dementia

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.40.15 pm

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