Dementia: ‘He’s Taken All My Clothes and Money’

I could see that Maureen was giving me funny looks yesterday morning and  behaving rather strangely.  This followed on from considerable confusion on the Sunday evening.  Around 8 ‘o’ clock she mentioned that I had not returned from watching a football match.  She was convinced that I had been watching a local match at a nearby park.  At 10 ‘o’clock she asked me if I would help her to go out looking for me as she was beginning to get worried that I had been out for a long time.  We walked for a while and she continued to talk to me in the third person.

On our way back home Maureen took a wrong turning and I called her back onto the correct route.   She immediately recognised me as her husband again and carried on with a normal conversation.  We went to bed shortly after returning home, after the usual ritual of finding missing gear.

When Chloe,our carer, arrived yesterday morning Maureen had gone back to sleep so we chatted for a while about the events of the previous evening.   Chloe mentioned that she sometimes has similar experiences; with Maureen forgetting who she is.  On my return from shopping Chloe mentioned that Maureen had been very upset while I had been out.  She had refused to get dressed because: ‘Paul had taken all her clothes and money.’

Following further conversations with Chloe, our G P yesterday afternoon, and advice from Colleagues on Talking Point I have now come to the conclusion that it is too risky to leave Maureen to her own devices any longer.  It is no longer possible to predict Maureen’s level of confusion and things can change so rapidly.  Maureen’s current presentation adds an air of urgency to the need to review our Care Plan and conduct a Carers’ Assessment.  Unfortunately, there is no news on that front and it gets worse.

I called at the Care Agency yesterday morning and they are in turmoil.  They have lost the contract to deliver care for social services and are the process of handing over to another Agency.  You couldn’t make it up and it seems my patience is to be tested yet again.  In the mean time dementia marches on but I’m still standing – just about!

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