Dementia: LOL

We often use humour to get by now dementia is firmly in our lives.  Maureen often plays tricks on me about not being able to remember stuff.  I am sure there is a cunning plan behind her claim that she has ‘forgotten how to cook’.  Well I got her back with a beauty this afternoon and she took it hook line and sinker.

I happened to mention in passing that the local Police Force had announced redundancies.  She looked puzzled for a while until I gave a little more detail on my ‘porkie’.  I said it was because her husband no longer panicked when she went walkabouts.  It caused great amusement when I embellished my story with news of  helicopter pilots and  mounted police being surplus to requirements.

I won’t tell you her response to my little trick.  She will get me back I am sure.  Laughing Out Loud with dementia is one of our coping strategies.  We are determined to have a life with dementia.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: LOL

  1. Ha ha ha,
    I LOL as I read this, my dearest husband Matt, does the very same thing, I now say to him, are we having a selective hearing moment
    I see a glint of humour in his eyes,

    The games up now I have caught him out , even his care team , have a
    little chuckle now when he tries it on when they visit us.
    Sometimes in the low points of our journey, it’s Matt himself that can
    lighten the moment for us and give us cause to smile and laugh.

    Your piece on the subject REALLY did make me LOL.
    Thank you


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