Worrying about people with dementia

Kate always says it as it is. Her Blog today sums up so many of the feelings I have about my role as a primary care giver. Although I have to say I like Kate’s term of ‘care partner’ better and will use it from now on.

Image source: www.seashell.com.au via googleimages.com Image source: http://www.seashell.com.au via googleimages.com

Worrying is normal for the person living alongside a person with dementia, and as a family care partner or support person for a few people who have died from dementia I understand too well how difficult it is not to worry. When you love someone, and they are sick or troubled, not only do you want to support and help them, you worry about them. All very normal.

What happens too often though, in the carer role of the person with dementia – paid service provider or a family/friend support person – is that the their worry can become the catalyst for taking away our life and our rights.

It is an important statement to make, and the catalyst for this blog. Too often in the caring role, paid and unpaid, we do things in the ‘persons best interests’, or to remove the danger of litigation…

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