Dementia: Hoping Sleep Therapy Helps

I am hoping that Maureen’s afternoon siesta will help to get things back on an even keel here.  Things went well early on this morning, then the slide began.  My complacency has not helped.  As soon as my back was turned ‘packing to go home’ took place in earnest.  You should see the stack of gear in readiness for the homeward journey.  This is the first time for weeks that Maureen has been on this racket.  There has been more evidence of abject confusion whilst I have been at the keyboard.

I thought she had done a runner a couple of hours ago.  I returned from my office and the signs were not good, as I had foolishly left the side gate invitingly open.  Then I caught sight of Maureen in next doors garden holding a pair of my joggers.  As i cajoled her back here she mentioned she had been looking for me to see if I wanted her to put my clothes in the car.

It is possible that tiredness is taking its toll.  Maureen has been up much earlier than usual this morning: on the go all the time.  I am hoping that a short rest will help her to make sense of things.  Optimistic I know because confusion about: person, place and time are the constant features of dementia.  So it’s not surprising if she is frequently confused on these three front.  However, it’s just possible that a short nap will make it easier to keep her on the straight and narrow.

I don’t know you just can’t turn your back for a minute when you are a care partner for someone with dementia.  Oh dear it’s very quiet down there and Maureen may have scarpered.  Phew that was a close one – she is getting the washing in.  A woman’s work is never done even when they have dementia.

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