Dementia: In House Cognitive Stimulation

Any reader of this blog might think this guy has a lot to say for himself but what does he really know about dementia?  So I will spell it out:  I have read a bit and been fortunate to have made contact people who have some ‘know how’ in this field. I have extolled the virtues of Talking Point many times on this blog; those who post on that Site are the real experts.  They have lived dementia 24/7 and their expertise is ground in experience.  Somewhat different from popping to help for the odd hour or two or attending a training course.  Yes you might say ‘smart guy’ that you but are what are you actually doing that  is worth writing about?

I think my approach to ‘in house cognitive stimulation’ is worth writing about.  Just a bit of detail gives a flavour of what I am about.  Maureen is in good form this morning up early and lucid.  She has been helping me in the garden before breakfast.  Our small vegetable patch is been transformed in preparation for Autumn.  Her planning skills have been paramount in the adjustments we have made in an attempt to maximise crops.

Boyzone have been on in the background as we have been ‘farming’ as we call it.  Mike my neighbour popped his head over the fence and we chatted to him about Circuit Training in the garden.   We told him of our wild ideas to open up our facilities to paying guests.  As we ate breakfast Rhonan and the Boys sang Love Me For A Reason and I mimed the words and danced around as the music rang out.

All of the above, and more, are on offer in some form or another on a daily basis.  Maureen does not need to join Groups or go to Day Centres.  Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy needs to take place in the home day after day.  Maureen will have a nap very soon and I expect she may forget the antics of the morning but ‘such fun’ as Miranda’s mother used to say!

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