Dementia: Carer’s Assessment Needed

I am failing, at the moment, to make any inroads into improving my sleep pattern.  This has to be a high priority because if I continue with my current lack of sleep I will not be able to function adequately and risk becoming ill.  It seems fairly obvious that the amount of outstanding business that whirls around in my head when I wake does not help at all.

I am hopeful that this morning’s early shift clearing of my in tray had dealt with some of the most important matters. There are still some things that need clearing up but nothing pressing – I hope!

Our Care Plan needs reviewing and contact from our Social worker yesterday is reassuring.  I am optimistic that a Carer’s Assessment will help my aspirations to be ‘a man rather than a martyr’.  An earlier blog made reference to my struggle to develop ‘me time’.  There are lots of things I want to do, to have a life outside of dementia.  I recognise there is a balance to be struck in all of this but the scales need to be tipped in my direction a little more.

I anticipate there are interesting times ahead and I hope this statement becomes more than a Chinese curse.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Carer’s Assessment Needed

  1. Me time is definitely not to be underestimated. And we know why sleep deprivation has been used as torture! My personal care responsibilities are for a child but the challenges in your post are the same. Hopefully your carers assessment will be productive. Have you been offered a personal budget yet?


  2. The hardest thing about the assessments is that you need to be as honest as you can, and in a way that means being as negative as you can. They need to understand what things are like on the worst day so that they can put the support in that is necessary. We spend our life focusing on the things my son ‘can’ do so it is difficult to swing that around. Let me know if you want any info about personal budgets … I’m a bit of a fan!!


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