Dementia: Managing Energy Levels

I expected Maureen to be tired today after our visit from my eldest daughter and her family yesterday .  Having four additional people in the house is bound to have a latent impact on any couple whose combined ages exceed 145 years.  If you add the stroke, and dementia, into the equation it is perfectly understandable that Maureen has ‘rested her eyes’ several times today.  She is currently on the bed for her third siesta of the day.

We were warned that there would be ‘duvet days’ following stroke.   Any injured brain takes longer to process and tiredness is an inevitable consequence.  Therefore, I supported her declining an invitation to spend time with a relative today.  Particularly as the person concerned always has tales to tell.    Her stories would have been many today; with her husband recently in a Care Home.  I will phone her shortly and explain our need to have had a quiet day.

It is possible that it will take Maureen a couple of days to recover from Lisa’s visit.  Watching two delightful young children enjoy their day at the sea side was a joy.  Observing two young girls, full of fun, is a laugh a minute but it makes you feel your age.  As we often say it is a joy to see family but sometimes a relief when we are waving them off on their homeward journey.  At our age  it is always a relief to know that  we can ‘rest our eyes’, for a while, shortly after bidding them farewell.

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