Dementia: Admirable Admiral Nurse

I realise that we are very fortunate to have Admiral Nurses in this area.  I am meeting mine this morning and it will be an opportunity to chat things over with someone charged to support carers.  Heather is a refreshing change from the political correctness that pollutes the Public Sector.  What I like about her in the words of my dear old dad is that she: ‘calls a spade a spade.’   A breath of fresh air from : ‘I know where you are coming from merchants’ that spend their days ticking boxes and handing out their own hard luck stories.

After the normal pleasantries, just before lunch time this morning, I can predict Heather’s first question will be: ‘What can I do to help?’   It is so reassuring to be able to meet someone to discuss how I am coping with my caring role.  The added bonus is her experience, and expertise, in supporting those caring for a loved one with dementia.

My initial focus will be on attempting to grasp an understanding of the progression of Maureen’s dementia.  My day to day observations of her presentation need to be put into context.  Heather will help me to see where the condition is going and whether my responses are well informed.  One of her coaching strategies has helped me to see the importance of the environment on Maureen’s presentation.  I am sure she will give me useful feedback on recent changes I have made on the home front.

This morning will also give me an opportunity to discuss the issue of ‘me time’; to ensure that I am ‘a man rather than  martyr’.  I now need to have the courage to assert my right to being more than a primary care giver.  In doing so both of our lives can only be enriched.

As I said at the start of this post we are so fortunate to have Admiral Nurses in this area.  Heather is particularly Admirable in the way she goes about her work.  I know she will cringe if she reads this Blog.  Unfortunately, for her,  one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to give credit where it’s due.

Sorry Heather if you have to reach for the sick bag!

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