Dementia: The Importance of Good Support

I am always impressed by the level of support offered in this town when you mention the word dementia.  This morning has been another example of dementia friendly staff in a local Superstore.  Once I mentioned my dilemma and produced a sample of what was needed, help soon arrived.  A lovely woman guided me around areas of the shop that are not familiar to men and assisted me to make suitable purchases. I am optimistic that there will be positive results from this morning’s mission.

I have returned from Grimsby with several purchases and need to manage the Fashion Show that is pending.  My approach will be to encourage Maureen to try on one pair of joggers today.  This will mean minimum disruption from her current pursuits and will not involve the removal of clothing that is already in place.  It is easy to forget my mantra of KISSS  is vital with clothing. Keeping it Simple Stupid and Short raises the prospects of  one of the options being deemed suitable. If I go for a Fashion Show, all the new gear faces being ditched in one fell swoop.

The real bonus from today’s mission is the positive atmosphere it has generated in the house.  Maureen feels good that i am trying to help.  I fell better that I have tried to do something positive to sole the clothing crisis.  As I have said before sitting around witnessing decline is not our approach to living with dementia.

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